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DIEM Wash - Cleans and removes Male Genital Odors


DIEM Wash for Men is a CONCENTRATED wash specifically formulated for MEN’s most intimate skin.

DIEM Wash for Men is soap free and is guaranteed to clean and remove unwanted dirt, oils or smell. Use it daily to remove unwanted male genital odor. Unwanted male genital odor is caused by poor intimate hygiene and smegma leading to the “smelly penis” problem. DIEM Wash for Men is also suitable for those suffering from skin irritation, chaffing, mild jock itch and rashes in the groin area. It also effective in cleaning and removing residue left by the use condoms and lubricants.

DIEM Wash for Men is a "UNIQUE" concentrated wash formulation that is effective in ensuring clean male genital hygiene. DIEM Wash for Men is a combination of herbs and botanicals that is gentle to use as a daily penis wash. These unique herbs and botanical is formulated to act as an effective all natural bacteria removing antiseptic agent, which also has superior cleansing ability. This combination of herbs and botanicals helps to reduce the risk of infections and get rid of unwanted smells and odor.

DIEM Wash for Men contains all natural active ingredients. Over 60 different herbs and botanicals have been traditionally blended and formulated to clean, refresh and rejuvenate your most intimate skin. Powerful and well known aphrodisiac herbs including Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia), Tribulus Terristeris and Smilax Myosotiflora are used to stimulate, enlarge blood vessels, and encourage blood circulation in and around the penis shaft, groin and testicles.

  • Removes unwanted smells and prevents unwanted Male Genital Odors
  • Improves intimate hygiene - smells fresh
  • Improves your sex life - instant sex appeal
  • Fast, safe and effective wash
  • Registered product with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  • No prescriptions required, approved for Over The Counter sales.


DIEM Wash for Men is highly recommended for use by sexually active men and men who want extra care for their intimate areas. YOU will gain the benefit of a cleaner, fresher feeling of your most intimate parts, GUARANTEED! SAFETY is paramount!

DIEM Wash for Men is guaranteed to contain all NATURAL active ingredients. It is formulated from natural botanicals, herbs or spices and contains no drugs or harmful chemicals.

DIEM Wash for Men DOES NOT CONTAIN TRICLOSAN. Triclosan is widely used and recent studies have shown that Triclosan is harmful and MAY affect the endocrine system.

How to use Duroil Wash for Men:

Use DIEM Wash for Men as part of your daily wash routine. Alternatively, use it as part of your ritual prior to having sex. Using DIEM Wash for Men as a penis wash in-between sex sessions will help reduce “rest” periods for erections. DIEM Wash for Men may tingle when applied to the penis and intimate areas. Use DIEM Wash for Men as a penis wash and re-use as many times per day if necessary.

  • 1. Wet intimate area with clean water.
  • 2. Apply between 8 to 12 drops to the penis head, groin and testicles.
  • 3. Gently rub and circulate wash onto the skin and leave on for 25 to 45 seconds.
  • 4. Rinse thoroughly with clean warm water. Repeat if desired.

If your have an uncut or uncircumcised penis, you will need to gently pull back your foreskin, hold back your foreskin.
  • 1. Wet the penis head with clean water.
  • 2. Then, apply between 8 to 12 drops of the wash directly onto the “wet” penis head, lather and allow for the wash to clean the penis head.

Remember, to allow for the wash to stay on the skin between 25 and 45 seconds. Now rinse with clean warm water. Repeat is desired.

Note: You are recommended to massage your penis outward and stretching it the penis shaft. This will help with increasing blood circulation to the penis shaft.

DIEM products is guaranteed as all NATURAL. DIEM products is formulated from natural botanicals, herbs or spices and contains no drugs, synthetic fragrances. DIEM products has also been tested for safety by an Internationally Recognized Lab, in Malaysia. Only the highest quality natural oils, spices and the purest herbs and botanicals are used in producing DIEM products.



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