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Menambahkan Kuantiti Air Mani


30 Kapsul
Warna kapsul terkini adalah lutsinar (tanpa warna)
 Harga biasa: RM335
Harga  :RM280
Vimax Volume

Untuk Menambahkan air mani, lebih pekat, kesuburan meningkat, menambahkan sperma, pancutan lebih padu & banyak.

Ciri kapsul - Kapsul lutsinar warna coklat.

**Untuk makluman pengguna, kapsul sebelum ini adalah berwarna merah/ putih.
Lebih banyak Sperma = Lebih hebat Orgasma


Vimax Volume adalah salah satu keluaran produk daripada pillsexpert.com yang sudah terkenal kerana keberkesanannya melajukan pancutan alat kelakian anda ketahap maksimum hingga si dia puas tidak terkata. Selain itu vimax volume menambah hasil sperma (air mani) anda ketahap maksimum sehingga 500%. Wah bestnya!

Kebanyakan wanita suka pasangannya dapat menghasilkan air mani yang banyak dan boleh melakukan tembakan yang laju kesasaranya hingga berdas-das. Anda bayangkan nikmatnya pada anda serta pasangan anda sehingga tidak terungkap dengan kata-kata.

Apalah ertinya jika power berjam-jam, tetapi hasilnya sperma hanya ciput atau sedikit. Tentu tengok pun tak puas.Macam orang tengah dahaga tetapi dapat air setitik sahaja. Mesti mengamuk tak terkira.Begitu juga pasangan anda,mesti kecewa.Muka pun berkerut tanda kurang kepuasan.

Vimax volume dihasilkan daripada herba mewah seperti lingzhi ,fucus vesicolous,san guao mu dan lain-lain lagi.

Ciri kapsul - Lutsinar
Lebih banyak Sperma = Lebih hebat Orgasma


Vimax Volume contributes to enhancement of the volume and makes
your orgasms longer and more powerful.
  • Forceful ejaculation!
  • Potency and fertility enhancement!
  • Significant rise in quantity of sperm!
Just your desire to get true orgasms and live a long sexual life.
Money back if not satisfied with the results!


Everybody wants to live a long sexual life with strong potency and powerful orgasms. But for some reasons many men can`t enjoy the delights of sex. Moreover they have to live with a nasty feeling of their own inferiority in bed. Sounds like a terrible verdict without a single chance to restart, doesn`t it!
All above seems to be about you? Just want to double or triple your sexual power and experience volcanic orgasms with mighty cum loads? Looking for a safe and efficient way to increase your potency and fertility?
Our new advanced formula based on the latest research, naturopathic methods and modern technologies gives a unique opportunity to treat sexual disorders, makes your reproductive system healthier and restores the most pleasurable sensations during an orgasm.
Vimax Volume is a positive influence on your potency and the key to your success in bed.

Unhappiness and depression often stem from reduction of sexual function. Vimax Volume is a 100% natural and efficient way to enhance fertility. It`s especially designed to help men get a strong potency, experience true male orgasms and thus make their lives happy and vivid.

It`s commonly considered that size of the penis and strong erection are integral components of success in bed. In part it`s true if speaking about impression on partners. But if you`re concerned about long-lasting orgasms, higher potency and fertility you must think more about the volume of your cum while ejaculating. Our latest studies showed that quantity of cum to be pushed out and intensity of loads are the key factors for vigorous and stable orgasms for both partners.

Vimax Volume is the safest and most reliable way to increase the volume of sperm and intensify the power of each load:
  • No prescription
  • Money back guarantee
  • Fantastic results


Why the volume of the sperm affects an orgasm? How it makes ejaculations more stormy and pleasant? To get the answers to these questions let`s see what happens with the men`s reproductive organs during an orgasm. Those extremely pleasurable sensations accompanied by ejaculation of semen occur because all muscles of the reproductive system contract simultaneously in a highly intensive way. A series of mighty and rhythmic contractions of the perineum, ejaculatory ducts and muscles of the penis pushes the sperm out. The more sperm you have to push out, i.e. ejaculate, the more contractions you will get. So your orgasm is getting longer and more intense.




Only harmonious work of all organs of the reproductive system can provide maximum pleasure during sex. Ejaculatory ducts, epididymis, testicles, prostate gland, seminal vesicles, vas deferens as well as other parts of your reproductive system need constant help and care.
How to protect your reproductive organs from numerous negative influences of modern life?
Vimax Volume is a safe and efficient tonic complex to keep your reproductive system in working condition. All aspects of your sexual activity are targeted by our new formula especially developed to make your sexual life longer and brighter.
Other vital benefits of Vimax Volume: improved quality of sperm, higher potency and fertility, better motility of sperm.
Thus we have an efficient medical product that increases the volume of the sperm and enhances the level of health of the men`s reproductive system. Regain the joy of life with Vimax Volume!


Lingzhi is the name for one form of the mushroom Ganoderma lucidum. It has a worldwide distribution in both tropical and temperate geographical regions, including North and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Lingzhi has been used in traditional Chineese medicine as a herbal medicine for more than 4,000 years, making it one of the oldest mushrooms known to have been used in medicine. The word lingzhi, in Chinese, means "herb of spiritual potency" and has also been described as "mushroom of immortality".



Fucus Vesiculosus was claimed, as a thyroid stimulant, that promotes thyroid health and is also used in cases of high cholesterol. The main use of it in herbal medecine is as a source of iodine, an essential nutrient for the thyroid gland.


4,5,7-Trihydroxyflavone regulates hyperglycaemia, thyroid dysfunction and lipid peroxidation in alloxan-induced diabetic mice. It is also used in the treatment of cancer and keeps your penis healthy.


San guo mu regulates blood pressure thus increasing blood flow to your penis making it more sensetive during sexual acts.

Other ingredients: Embelica officinalis (extract), Hong hua fen, Xi lan rou gui, Tian men dong (extract), Xian mao, Dong chong xia cao (extract), Ku gua, Maltodextrin





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